When to Clean and Declutter your Makeup Stash

Do you remember the last time you cleaned your brushes, rinsed your makeup sponge, or cleared out your out-of-date? Makeup and beauty/skincare products, while making us look and feel beautiful, comes at the price of hygiene risks – as these products are often used daily!

Follow our guide of what and when to declutter or clean and ensure you are keeping up good hygiene practices.

When to THROW:

  • Mascara and eye liner: These eye products have a life span of 3-4 months and are known to be a great home for bacteria to live. So, ensure you know when you bought/opened these products!
  • Foundation: After 1 year this face product will have to leave your collection.
  • Moisturiser: This skincare product should also be ditched after 1 year due to its likelihood to breed bacteria easily.
  • Shampoo and Conditioner: In the event that you manage to keep these products around long enough, say goodbye after 2 years!
  • Sunscreen: Most will have an expiry date but following a 6-month rule also helps!
  • Self-Tanner: Update your Bondi Sands collection every year (this also assists longevity of your tan, which is a bonus!).

When to CLEAN:

  • Brushes: Turns out these beauty tools need to be cleaned weekly.
  • Beauty Blenders and Sponges: After every use…yup!

General TIPS:

  • Never share make up.
  • If the colour, texture or smell changes, bin it.
  • Sharpen your pencil before every use to keep them clean.
  • Never add water/saliva to moisten dried out products.
  • Do not store beauty products in direct sunlight.

Keep in mind that recycling is the best option when decluttering and disposing, so check out TerraCycle at https://www.terracycle.com/en-AU/brigades/beauty-products-recycling-program and look for a recycling drop off point in your area.

Makeup and skincare products are (sadly) prone to be home to bacteria, so ensure you follow proper hygiene tips to keep you and your products fresh and clean!