Bye bye baby stuff

I have a little one who recently turned 3 years old. He’s now outgrown a lot of clothes and toys and I had the dilema of what to do with this ‘stuff’. I realise I can’t keep it forever as I need to live in the ‘now’ and not get stuck in the memories of the baby days (or daze… as some of it was). I decided to sort the items into 4 categories;

1) Items to sell – anything that was brand-name and in great condition. Luckily I have a wonderful second-hand kids clothing store near me.

2) Items to give to friends – I have a friend who is now pregnant so anything unisex I can give to her and in my mothers group there are a couple of women who had second children (boys) and as their firsts were girls, they’re grateful for any cute little things.

3) Donate to charity – Any items that are in good condition but not sentimental at all.

4) Keepers – I have allowed a small box of special ‘treasures’ for keepsakes. I am completely ruthless though, so not much ends up here. I realise the memories are in my heart and some wonderful photos and I’d much prefer someone else’s baby enjoying the lovely items than being held captive in a dusty box somewhere.