Unfinished Projects

I recently had a discussion with colleagues about different types of ‘clutter’. One main form of clutter was identified as ‘anything unfinished’.

Unfinished projects can be anything from half-done craft projects, items bought for DIY projects around the house, that lamp you’re getting fixed, clothing that no longer fits but is kept because of the excercise program you’re going to do to lose the weight… Any of these sounds familiar?

I have one request as an organiser – STOP beating yourself up. People really hold onto this stuff because they feel like a failure if they let it go, that they didn’t get around to finishing that project or reaching that goal.

Life is too short. Set realistic goals for you in your current situation. Don’t worry about the person you were years ago with many more free hours, or the person you want to be that is the yummy mummy of the century. Live your best life today and free yourself from that constant to-do list.

Let go of the projects and just enjoy your time!