Top Tips for a Wardrobe Tidy

Are you just simply overwhelmed by your wardrobe every time you open up your cupboard or drawers? If you were to thoroughly sort through your wardrobe would you find clothes still with tags on, clothes with stains or rips or items that don’t even fit? Sorting through your wardrobe can take time, so book out your weekend morning or afternoon to help bring back life into your wardrobe, plus you may even find a hidden gem or two!

Here are our top tips into rejuvenating your closet!

  • Declutter what no longer works

Did you find some clothes with stains or rips where they shouldn’t be? It’s time these clothes were either repurposed as rags or mended and passed on to someone else who can use them.

  • Donate!

Pop any clothes that no longer fit, you haven’t worn in the past twelve months or simply no longer need, into a bag ready for donation to your local charity stores such as Vinnies or Red Cross. When decluttering and donating to charities, you must ensure that the clothes are of good quality and clean. Remember that someone else will wear your previously loved pieces. You can even pass on any clothes to your friends or family too!

  • Organise items and invest in storage solutions

This can include streamlining your hangers so that they are all the same – our favourite is the hangers lined with velvet to ensure that your clothes can’t slip off, plus they don’t take up nearly as much space as wooden or plastic hangers.

Utilise draw organisers for socks, undies and bras! Particularly for undergarments such as bras, proper storage help keep everything in shape and ensure nothing gets crumpled or ruined.

You can also invest in hangers that let you store shoes, hats, jewellery, wallets or other items you want to be stored nicely.

  • Hang everything (if you can)

Hanging everything up (in whatever order works best for you) helps you see everything, and therefore increases your chances of wearing everything! Because what you don’t see, you won’t wear. However, be sure to fold heavy items such as thick sweater to ensure they don’t lose their shape!

  • Reduce your closet size!

Wanting to try something completely new to tidy up the place? Cut your closet down to a capsule wardrobe, with enough tops, pants and jackets on rotation to ensure each outfit works!

Hopefully, a few of these tips can help simplify your wardrobe and make it a bit less daunting every time you go to open it!