Top 5 Flying Tricks

I’m not someone who travels well. My body doesn’t seem to understand it’s on a flight to a glorious destination to unwind and enjoy time away from the everyday. It rebels with vigour and makes an overseas trip 20 hours of hell.

Over the years however, I’ve finessed my in-flight bag of goodies to tackle the issue and aid a more pleasant experience for myself and those seated directly next to me. It always includes;

  1. Ginger tablets – just make sure to take the first ones as directed well before your journey begins. If you wait until you are onboard it may be too late.
  2. Lip balm – helps combat dehydration
  3. Moisturiser – have one that can be used on your face, hands and arms and apply throughout the flight
  4. Facial mist – I like Sukin and Evian ones. These are brilliant to refresh you after a nap and just before landing
  5. Snacks – small selection of dry biscuits, muesli bars and protein bars. It is handy to have your own stash in case you get hungry in between meal service

Just be sure the amounts of all items are in accordance with the airline restrictions for carry-on objects, and decant into smaller containers if necessary. Also, keep it together in a clear zip lock bag for getting through airport security with minimal fuss.

Happy travels!