Tips for Recycling Bulky Home Items

Remembering the 4 Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose, and Recycle – can make a big difference in keeping your neighbourhood clean. And chances are by now you’ve mastered what goes into the rubbish bin and what can be recycled (no worries if you haven’t, we’ve got a guide for that here). Some bulky items, however, like mattresses and old furniture, can leave you confused as to what the proper method of disposing it is. We’ve made it easy for you to learn how with these few tips:

First, ask yourself if you can sell or give the item to a friend. Items such as old appliances or furniture that are in solid condition might have monetary value, filling your pockets with money instead of landfills with additional stuff. This is a great step in creating a more sustainable future of repurposing items instead of buying brand new things, thus reducing packaging and increased future waste. Consider advertising online through resources such as Facebook Marketplace, Trading Post, or eBay. If you can’t sell your item(s) online, check if any of your local op shops are accepting donations at the time. If this isn’t available to you, it’s time to book a pick-up appointment with the City of Sydney. This is a free service for mattresses, furniture, whitegoods, e-waste, and more offered every week. Please note if you live in an apartment building, you have to ask your building manager to make the booking.

Once you’ve scheduled your bulky item pickup, you must prepare the item so it can be properly recycled. Be sure to tape shut anything that can open, such as fridge or oven doors. If your item is sharp or breakable, you’ll want to tape or wrap that with plastic as well and label it properly. Roll up any rugs and tie them with string or tape so they don’t jam the compactors. Taking these simple, extra steps will make the job easier for the pick-up crew, as they’re already performing the difficult task of lifting heavy and uncomfortable objects.
Did you know even cars can be recycled? Companies like CarTakeBack will actually give you cash for your car. They take the scrap cars and remove all of the hazardous materials including batteries, tyres, and oils, all of which cause serious harmful effects on the environment.

Another important step to check when it comes to mattress’ specifically–if you are planning to buy a new mattress, check with the store if they will take away your old mattress for recycling when they come to deliver the new one. Many mattress companies have been adapting this practice because the process of sustainably getting rid of a mattress is seen as a large task for consumers.

Everyone outgrows items in their home–whether they’re unfixable or simple too old to use anymore. By doing the responsible thing of attempting to sell, donate, or recycle it properly with a city pick up will help make your neighbourhood (and the world) and greener and cleaner place to live for us and generations to come.

Thanks to Haley Keiser for supplying this great blog! We knew our readers would be keen to find out more on this topic. Haley is a writer for brands including 1800 Got Junk.