Three Weekend Projects

Looking for an easy way to refresh your house? We got some little projects for you.

1. Wash the walls/wall panelling’s & frames
You may (or may not) be surprised at how much dust your walls can and will collect over months/years. Just take a look behind your bed frame or cupboard and see for yourself! By wiping down your walls, panelling’s and frames with sugar soap, this will help to spruce up your entire home and leave it looking a whole lot fresher. Don’t forget your light switches and wall sockets which may be covered with finger prints and other grime.

While you are at it, try and swipe away any cobwebs which may be hiding throughout your house. Hint…check the ceilings and any corners, behind blinds or windows and ceiling fans!

2. Declutter one room
If you’re feeling overwhelmed by disorganisation, just pick one room and start there. Great projects for a weekend are the garage or kids bedrooms. If it’s on a weekend your spouse or kids can get involved. It makes it easier as you have help with the decisions and sorting through all the items.

Group things together like-with-like to see how much of a particular item you have. Then you can start culling. For items that you’re keeping, purchase any containers that fit the space and make sure to label!

3. Rearrange a room in your home
Sometimes rearranging a space can make all the difference. Pick a certain room or area in your home that you think could do with an update and have some fun! If you are starting out in the bedroom, try mixing up where the bed is placed, your dresser or anything else that sits in the room.

A couch in the lounge room can easily change a space up when moved around to form a different look too! Think about where the lighting is if you like to read.

Try arranging the seating area to be faced around a coffee table or place the couch on an angle to break up a boxy room. Don’t feel like you have to have all the furniture against the wall – be brave!

These a just a few examples of things you can easily do in your home to help you love your home again.