Can we ever have too many shoes? Depends on who you ask – Emelda Marcos wouldn’t think so, that’s for sure. Regardless of if you have 5 pairs or 50 pairs, smart shoe storage and caring for your shoes properly is key for ensuring you’ll always put your best foot forward!

Professional Organiser Linda Eagleton, Founder of Creative Surrounds, shares her top tips for smarter shoe storage.


Most homes usually have at least two zones for shoes, one at the front door for the everyday pair (school shoes and joggers), then another in the bedroom for the remaining pairs. If you have school aged kids, it is easier to give their shoes a home by the front door rather than have an argument every day yelling at them to take their shoes to the bedroom or another spot. They tend to kick off their shoes as soon as they get home and that’s where they stay until the next morning.

Rather than fight this daily routine, provide a home for these pairs using a stylish solution such as the 3 Tier Bamboo Stackable Shoe Rack. Being that it’s out in the open, you want it to look good as well as be practical. Depending on if this is just inside or outside of your door, if you have space inside you could also place an ottoman or shoe bench here to provide somewhere to sit while putting your shoes on.


The majority of shoes however, are best stored in the bedroom. Particularly if you have several pairs and like to see what you own to put outfits together. If your preference is to see them all at once and be able to grab and go quickly, an open option like the Expandable Shoe Rack at the bottom of your wardrobe is a great option. Any thongs and slides can sit underneath utilising the two tiers for joggers and heels, expanding the rack to fit within your wardrobe.


If your shoes are an investment then their storage should be also. I love shoe drawers as they are the most versatile in maximising the space and ensuring shoes are protected from dust and being knocked around. You can stack the drawers making a tower and place them side by side using every inch of space available. Because they are a drawer, stacking them on top means you don’t have to take all the top ones off in order to get the pair at the bottom.

The Elegance Drawer is clear hard plastic making them durable and easy to see through. I find it best to ‘group’ shoes in order of wear, e.g. joggers on the top row, loafers in the middle and heels/evening on the bottom. Think about what you tend to wear more frequently and put those in the section that is easiest to get to.


Boots require special attention and should never be standing without a boot shaper of sorts. If a tall boot is left flopping over it will weaken the leather and crease and crack over time. You want your boots to last many winters so keeping them tall and supported is their best treatment. So think about smart ways to store them.


Some people don’t have the luxury of space in their homes and need to maximise the vertical as well as horizontal options. In this case, over the door shoe organisers are a must. Depending on your shoe style, these can hold around a dozen pairs – pretty impressive!

An additional zone to consider is by the back door. It can be handy to have a basket here and everyone gets to pop just one pair in here. They’re the pair you grab if you want to do a spot of gardening or hang out the washing etc. It doesn’t have to take up much space, but just somewhere to put a pair each so they aren’t lying around for people to trip over.

elfa Shoe Wall

Regardless of which storage option you choose, it’s always a great idea to have a ‘shoe care’ box. This can be kept near your shoes, or in a laundry area. Include shoe polish, odour eaters, leather conditioner and a suede brush. It’s best to clean your shoes regularly to keep them in tip top shape!