Restyling on a budget

Creative Surrounds was recently featured in an article in the property section of the Northern District Times and Hornsby Advocate. The premise of the editorial was about styling your home for sale on a budget and I wanted to summarise a few of the points here;

1) Decluttering is key! A survey showed that 56% of house hunters are turned off by clutter.
2) Think about your potential buyer. If you have a small apartment, it’s possibly going to be young professional couples looking so set up a table/chairs on the balcony where they can envisage having a morning coffee. If you have a 3/4 bedroom house, it’s probably going to be families looking to purchase so ensure you have lots of open space and don’t fill up storage areas.
3) Flooring. If your carpet is tired looking, investigate if you have floorboards underneath. It’s a minimal investment which you will benefit from at sale time.
4) Don’t forget curb appeal! This is people’s first impression. Mow the lawn, trim back the trees and shrubs. Plant some colourful flowers.

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