Don’t Wait to Declutter Your Home

Why wait until you’re selling your home to declutter and spruce up for someone else to enjoy?

It’s amazing how many people will live in total chaos and stress for years and years and years, then decide to sell their home and spend one month focussing on decluttering so a perfect stranger can see how lovely their house is. The end result after a few weeks of manic sorting and culling is usually “why didn’t we do this sooner” or “now I wouldn’t mind staying”.

Door handles get fixed, walls patched, broken tiles replaced, rooms decluttered. All these odd jobs that are never a priority until money’s on the line. ‘If I spend a weekend ticking off these items, it will equate to extra dollars on sale day’. If this is your train of thought, spend a minute thinking about the cost of your stress levels and time in your everyday life. Do you waste time on a weekly or even daily basis looking for items because your home is cluttered and chaotic, do you have regular arguments over odd jobs that don’t get completed? Surely, that cost is greater.

So, take a walk around your home now and look at it through a potential buyer’s eye, even if you’re not planning on selling for years or at all. Jot down all the things you’d change e.g. new lightbulb in the hall, declutter the shelves, organise the home office. Then each week, action at least one item. By the end of it, you’ll be reminded why you moved into the house in the first place and fall in love all over again…and never want to move!