Creating the ideal Work From Home Space

One of the few gifts COVID has given many of us has been the flexibility and freedom to work from home. However, if not properly set up the work from home space can cause more drama than the stay-at-home fruits it bares. Here are 3 simple steps to follow in a process that will make your work life balance work for you.

  1. SET-UP – Make sure you have to correct Home Office set up. You may not have a whole room or even a nook, but it needs to be your dedicated work space and it needs to be free from distraction. Ideally, this space is just for work and is not dual purpose. Avoid kitchen spaces and areas with televisions to maintain a structured work day wherever possible; this will allow you to commit to switching into work mode when you’re at work and leave your downtime free from work related stressors.
  2. ERGONOMICS – Once you’ve decided on a location, consider the ergonomics of your work space. Invest in a decent office chair with padding and, if you feel more comfortable, armrests. Don’t be afraid to try the many options available out there – some chair backs are built for different bodies and postures, so a try before you buy policy may be useful even if you are buying online. This chair will support your body for many hours over a long period of time, so don’t skimp on this furniture item. Another must is decent lighting – poorly lit offices are a magnet for all kinds of ailments, including headaches and migraines. And once you’re in your new office, set yourself an alarm every few hours to check your posture.
  3. MAINTENANCE – When your space it completed, treat it with the respect it deserves. Keep a water bottle in your office and keep it clutter free – it’s no longer the spare washing room, or the spot people hang their coats, it’s your office, just as it would be at work. Rehome anything that doesn’t fit your purpose – if you wouldn’t have it in your office at your workplace, don’t leave it in your work space at home.

And don’t forget, when you leave work on a Friday afternoon or evening, you need to be able to close the door and leave your room ready for Monday morning. An easy trap for home office workers to fall into is unnecessary fusion between office and home. It’s essential to avoid this pitfall to achieve the desired balance between work and home.