Clutter Personalities

According to Geralin Thomas, a clutter expert who appeared on the Nate Berkus Show there are 5 Clutter Personalities. These are people that are;

  1. easily distracted – starts on one pile, then goes onto the next without fully resolving anything
  2. procrastinators – would rather do other things than sort and organise their space
  3. bargain shoppers – can’t pass up a bargain, even if they don’t need the item
  4. sentimental – feels guilty letting anything go
  5. perfectionists – hesitant to do anything unless it’s done absolutely perfectly. They tend to paralyse themselves.

As an organiser, I think it’s important that people recognise which type of clutter personality they may be, as this will give valuable insight as to why they have clutter. Once you realise why you have it, you can focus on solutions to get on top of it and also stop bringing the clutter into your space in the future.

Regardless of the personality type, the best way to get started even if you only have a day is to go for ‘good enough’. Realise that you probably didn’t get into this situation overnight and it’s not going to be undone in a few hours. Pick one area, maybe its collecting all paperwork from around your home or office and put it in one place to sort through. Then continue on with this, e.g. all clothing, toys, recycling etc. Put it in the appropriate room, then sort from there.

Getting organised is usually a marathon, not a sprint!