Be our Guest

Recently I stayed with friends for a weekend getaway. It felt more like a mini retreat thanks to the thoughtfulness of the hosts, starting with carrying my bags to the room (much appreciated after a long drive), towels at the ready to freshen up and a guest bedroom* complete with candle, throw blanket and decent reading lamp.

Regardless of space, there are a ‘host’ of ideas to ensure your guests feel welcome. It’s all about being organised before they arrive;

  • Clean linen on the bed is a must with an extra blanket handy for chilly nights.
  • You know your house, so if it gets hot, leave a fan.
  • A towel folded at the end of the bed and fresh hand towel in the bathroom.
  • Depending on how often you have visitors and the space in your bathroom – travel size shampoo, conditioner, body wash and moisturiser would be a welcome relief if they were forgotten to be packed by your guest.
  • If you don’t drink tea or coffee (madness, but each to their own) but you know your guest does, have some sachets and milk available.
  • A lovely touch on the bedside table would be hand cream, a candle, tiny vase with a flower from your garden, and a bottle of water.
  • Are your guests from out of town? Some brochures of local haunts and a map so they can explore on their own.
  • Universal phone charger and wifi password so they can stay connected.

Just remember they’re there for a good time, not a long time!

*Side note: This space was a project of Creative Surrounds, so it was a great experience to be on the receiving end of the final outcome of this relaxing, warm and inviting guest bedroom!