7 Tips to Save Your Energy Use

Most of us would like to minimise our energy consumption for both environmental and financial reasons. A great place to start is to really look at your energy bills. Understand which months lend themselves to higher usage and if peak and off-peak timing is an issue.

Start making a positive impact by following these 7 tips to save your energy usage;

1. Turn off tvs, gaming consoles and printers, rather than using standby
2. Where practical use the clothesline and save the dryer usage
3. In winter, wear more layers and use blankets rather than electrical blankets and heaters
4. In summer, don’t be tempted to set the air conditioner too low
5. Only heat and cool the rooms you need to, so close doors to section off the house
6. Seal any gaps in windows, doors and fridge doors, to minimise energy loss
7. Understand your house and what time of day different rooms get exposure to sun, then you can open/close curtains and windows to make the most of natural sunlight and airflow

Also, on a larger scale, think about the size of your home. The larger your home, the more energy gets used with more lights and appliances.

If you’re looking to make positive changes, make sure that all family members are on board and understand that every little action will help towards a bigger impact on the household bills and the environment.