7 Reasons to Hire an Expert for your Deceased Estate clearance

  1. Allowing you space and time to grieve your loved one. This is an extremely stressful and overwhelming time. You can take comfort in knowing your loved one’s belongings are dealt with, with respect.
  2. Hiring the right expert ensures items are donated and recycled wherever possible, minimising landfill. A Professional Organiser stays up to date with recycling rules and has many contacts with charitable organisations. It is becoming increasingly difficult to simply call one number and get the lot taken away, it is many hours of co-ordination and logistics.
  3. Packing up items to send to family members, auction houses or storage facilities. A Professional Organiser can sort and box up items from arranging packing materials to the transport to the various destinations.
  4. Co-ordinate with other trades and stylists to prepare the house for sale (stylists, cleaners, real estate agents). Once the home is clear of all belongings, you can let someone else organise all of these services.
  5. Sort through all belongings for any potential keepsakes, valuables and important paperwork (photos, memorabilia, certificates). A Professional Organiser takes the time to sort and locate any items that may be of importance.
  6. If family are not local to the property or have commitments that mean they need someone to manage the estate clearance, an expert is the perfect option. A Professional Organiser can work directly with family members or executors of the estate.
  7. Project manage the entire clearance. Ultimately a Professional Organiser is there to take the stress and overwhelm away from you. This can be for certain parts or the entire project.