5 Things you Should declutter before Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching, and the stress of the festive season can become overwhelming. Christmas can sometimes mean chaos, particularly in keeping your home organised. Breaking down each room or task really helps the task seem much more achievable.

1) The Fridge

Ever found yourself reaching for food that has past their used by date or struggling to slot in other left-over containers?

First things first – you need to start from scratch. So, take everything out of the fridge and give it a thorough wipe down (disinfectant and all). This will help get rid of any bacteria that may have built up. Next, take a good look at what was actually in your fridge. What has past their used-by date, what is empty, and what items were bought as a once-off? When it’s time to put everything back – put them in the spots they belong! Vegetables and fruits in the crisper drawer to maximise their life, ready-to-eat at the top of your fridge, and in the middle, store all your fish, meats and poultry (all wrapped up to prevent cross-contamination).

An organised fridge also means room for the incoming left-overs that Christmas is bound to bring!

2) The Kids Room

This room often looks like a bomb has gone off! Storing toys in labelled containers is the best start to keeping the room organised! This also allows for your kids to be able to tidy up by themselves too and pop their toys into each designated spot! With Christmas coming and the likely influx of new Christmas toys, now is also a perfect time to filter through their existing toys. Which ones are no longer used, that can be donated to charities or passed along to family or friends?

3) The Guest Room

The guest room can often become a spare storage room when not in use, but with Christmas coming and the likelihood of family staying over, now is the time to get it back in action. Make sure you clear out everything that doesn’t belong and organise the room with fresh linen, spare toiletries, fresh towels (and just before they arrive, some water)!

4) The Car

At this time of year, we can spend a lot of time in the car so it’s a great time to get it sorted.
After a thorough clean-out, there is nothing worse than watching your car slowly build back up to a cluttered state. This time around, prevent the mess from happening again with these handy tips. Keep a plastic container (lined with a bag) to use as a rubbish bin. This saves any loose scraps floating around your car! Inserting a cup holder or divider into your centre console can also help keep your most used items organised (think things like your mints, pens, hand sanitiser/baby wipes, lipstick/lip balm and phone charging cable.

5) The junk drawers

Your junk drawers are often just a collection of a year’s (or more) build-up of stuff. With Christmas just around the corner, keep an eye out for any unused gift cards (or even ones with credit remaining). Bits of spare ribbon or used wrapping paper are also perfect finds to recycle again for presents under this year’s tree. Have a go sorting through your drawers and see what you can find!