Moving house can be one of life’s most demanding experiences. It’s so stressful, in fact, that there is a whole body of scientific research ranking moving house as one of the most stressful life experience we humans face. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce both packing and moving day pressure with our 3 Top Tips;

1. The Unpack First Box

A successful and burden free move requires a touch of preparation, and you don’t have to be a spreadsheet guru or have a masters in urban planning to make a simple effective plan work for you. The unpack first box is an easy way to get your packing started, and your future self will thank you come moving day – there’s nothing worse than orchestrating a smooth and fuss free move successfully, and settling into your new home without knowing where the toothpaste and toilet paper are.

Your Unpack First Box might include medications, toiletries, hair accessories and a clean set of underwear, but don’t forget to add in small luxuries like clean bed sheets, a select cache of cleaning supplies and sanitiser, and a mini Allen key ring or set of mini screwdrivers.

Label this box on all sides and take it with you, rather than in the moving truck, if you can so you know where it is at all times. Future-already-moved-in you will thank you for it tomorrow.

2. Smart Packing

It may sound trite, but the act of packing itself can make or break a pain free moving day. Use boxes and not large bags wherever possible to aid the removalists in packing the truck quickly and efficiently. Label boxes in a detailed manner, including the room name they are to be placed in. Make sure to use a corresponding label on each room door at your destination so removalists are not left guessing which room is whose upon arrival. You can even colour code rooms, using sticky notes on boxes; the less shuffling of boxes you need to do the better, especially when you wake up the day after moving day.

3. Moving Day Kit

Keep a handful or two of small ziplock sandwich bags as well as a roll of tape on your person on the day. As furniture is broken down and prepared for shifting, you can tape any nuts or screws to the piece for ease of reconstruction once you arrive.

With a small effort in planning and a modicum of preparation, moving day will drop down your list of life’s most stressful experiences, and make for a smooth and fuss free transition into your new home.