10 Steps to Fire prevention at home

With the weather starting to warm up, it’s time to put your thinking hats on and work boots at the ready, to ensure your home and property is safe and ready for the heat.

Pull out a pen and paper and write a checklist – this is your first task for fire safety, and what you will be working off.

1. Update your current smoke alarms throughout the house, by either replacing the batteries or whole system if needed. Ensure that there are enough smoke alarms throughout your home; near sleeping areas, and on every level of your home.
2. Clean out your gutters from any leaves, branches or twigs.
3. Cut back overhanging tree branches that are within close proximity to your home.
4. Regularly mow your lawns – short enough to prevent a fire being fuelled and retains moisture.
5. Keep flammable liquids away from your home.
6.Water your garden over Spring/Summer.
7. Keep your garden free from any flammable materials (piles of leaves, dry mulch etc).
8. Replace plastic fly screens with metal – this prevents any embers landing on your home from sparking.
9. Blow out all candles when going to sleep and don’t leave them unattended. 10.Ensure that every family member knows the escape plan if your home is in danger

Other tips!
– Keep keys easily accessible to unlock doors when trying to escape.
– Pay attention to total fire ban days.

These are our top tips to best prepare you for the warmer season when fire safety is most important!

Remember to be prepared for the worst case scenario, even if you think it can’t happen to you or your home.