Being organised is important for every member of the family, including Dad! If one person is disorganised it can have a domino effect on everyone else in the house. Being disorganised can have a negative impact on day to day activities with poor time management, running late always trying to find things, and bigger issues such as mental health and stress levels. In the current climate it is crucial we are all doing our best to have our spaces as stress-free as possible.

There are many areas where Dad could benefit from being organised and some items that can help him get there, that he may not even know about…



Start the day on the right foot by setting a morning routine. If Dad is constantly running late in the morning, one of the first areas he could get organised is his wardrobe. He may not realise it, but rifling through drawers and hangers looking for that one particular item could be wasting a lot of time (studies report we spend an average of one hour each day looking for lost items).

Using tools like the Fifi drawer separators are a great way to keep your work/weekend/sports socks and clothes sorted. Try to have consistency in your drawers, for example, the left side is work and right side is weekend or workout. You can do this for underwear, socks and t-shirts.


                               Fifi Drawer Organisers                                            Diamond Drawer Organisers   


In the hanging area, group the short sleeve together and long sleeve together. Organise this one step more by colour going light to dark. There are also many great tie hangers so these can be grouped together and hung nicely, ready for their next wear.







For lunch on the go, Stashers are fantastic for keeping all your healthy snacks and sandwiches handy. They are nice and slim so can fit easily in a briefcase or satchel style bag. There is even a great range of colours including a smoky black and clear, so it doesn’t look like you’re borrowing your kids lunchbox!

If Dad likes his takeaway at lunch, bringing his own cutlery is potentially safer and definitely kinder to the environment. Stay organised with the Appetito 5 Piece cutlery Set which has its own bag too!



                        Stasher Silicone Bags                                 Appetito 5 Piece Stainless Steel Travel Cutlery Set



As soon as you walk in the door, make sure there is a place to put the keys and wallet. A nice tray on the hall console or the bedside table are a great place.

Having a specific home to put your watch, ring and cufflinks at the end of the day makes it easier to be part of your routine. If you know exactly where they go, it’s a no-brainer which is great at the end of long work day. Using a box like the Stackers for Him are a great option to keep everything together and protected from dust.







What Dad doesn’t love his tech gadgets? The amount of cords, plugs and devices can get overwhelming and turn into a tangled mess in no time. What Dad may not realise is how easy it is to be organised. Using storage that has smaller compartments, like  the Fischer Storage Boxes means cords can be separated and easy to find. Make sure you label the cord and the compartment so he’ll always know where they belong once he’s finished using it.


       Fischer Compartment Storage Boxes                       BlueLoung Cable Organisers and Charging Dock



Once you have helped Dad to get organised, encourage him to spend some time each week to tidy and maintain the systems. This way, he can keep the clutter away and have more time to spend with family and friends – the people who mean the most in his life!



Linda Eagleton is the founder of Creative Surrounds. She loves collaborating with clients to achieve their goal of simple, stylish living. Her belief is that “your home is your haven” and shouldn’t cause you stress, but be a place of relaxation and somewhere to spend time with loved ones.

Linda is also a Member of the Institute of Professional Organisers.