Have you been tasked with clearing a loved one’s home? This is often a difficult and emotional time with many layers involved in the project. Creative Surrounds can take away the overwhelm of the situation and provide support and manage the entire process.

Feeling overwhelmed by the thought of a deceased estate clean up?

Then let us help you take the load off – using our Personal Organiser skillset to sort, organise and get the job done in the most sensitive and efficient way possible. We understand this is an emotional time, especially when it comes to the sentiment attached to someone’s belongings.

You also need to know that you decide what stays and goes – and make the final decisions about your relatives belongings. Working closely with you we have a clear strategy to work out what needs to be:

  • Put into storage
  • Sold
  • Recycled
  • Donated to charity
  • Thrown away

Let our team arrange a cleaning service to take care of the house cleaning, and if you are planning on selling the property we can also assist with organising and sourcing the relevant trades to do minor repairs, maintenance or larger renovations.

Helping you cleaning out a deceased estate

We work with you to clean out a deceased estate by:

  • Organising belongings to be sent to family members
  • Packing items for storage
  • Arranging donation or sale of items
  • Organising bulk rubbish removal
  • Doing a whole house declutter
  • Coordinating trades to prepare the house for sale
  • Organising maintenance and repairs if the house is being moved into.

Creative Surrounds: Deceased estate clean up

Work with us cleaning out your deceased estate clean up and we guarantee to:

  • Be understanding throughout the process
  • Simplify the chaos and create a clear plan
  • Declutter, sort and organise all precious items
  • Manage all or part of the process – it’s up to you!

Founder Linda is also a member of the AAPO (Australasian Association of Professional Organisers) and was a founding Advisory Board Member of the IOPO International (Institute of Professional Organisers). Read more about her story on our About page.

Creative Surrounds: Our services

As Personal Organisers we can also help you with a range of other services, including:

  • Home organisation – advice and direction on how to declutter and how to be organised, through to hands-on decluttering and organising.
  • House relocation – we take the stress away by managing part of the process or the entire project, the choice is yours.
  • Ongoing organisation – it is one thing to get organised, but another to stay organised.
  • Downsizing – we can help downsize a lifetime’s worth of belongings into a smaller home.
  • Decluttering home – optimise your space and make it less cluttered and more functional.

Call us on 0415 143 498 today and let us help with your deceased estate clean up!

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