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If you’re still unfamiliar with the local market, do some research. However, there’s more to painting than purchasing some ladders and painter’s tape. We’ve assembled this short guide to show you how to start a painting business.
While the initial startup costs can be relatively low, careful planning and strategic execution are essential for success. Although you may have experience painting, professional training is recommended to learn professional tips and tricks that enable you to do a better job in less time. You may also choose to work for a painting contractor for a while to gain the required skills. Starting a painting company is a smart way to break into the home development industry. The overhead is relatively low, it’s easy to get up and running, and homeowners will pay a lot for specialized painting services. The first step in growing your painting business is to create a growth plan.
With a sound business plan in place, you’ll be able to create a successful painting company from scratch and learn the ropes along the way. If you’re new to the painting industry, we’ve put together the following list to help you start a painting company no matter your level of experience. Starting any business requires taking specific steps, like choosing a business entity, registering your business name, and getting a business license. You’ll also have to learn how to market your new painting business, talk with clients, set rates, and pay taxes. Another great reason to start a painting business is its flexibility. This is particularly true if you opt to do painting work seasonally.
If you have previous painting experience, it is a great way to make a lot of money right away. top article can bid the jobs lower because you are doing them yourself… but don’t make that a habit. Every state has different requirements for a painting business license. Additionally, Lewis adds many house painters are drawn more to the painting side of their business rather than the actual business aspects like bookkeeping and marketing.
As Google business listings are where over 80% of people look to find a local service, it’s essential to your business success. You can rent tools for more advanced jobs to lower your start-up costs, such as paint sprayers, scaffolding towers, and pressure washers. Insurance is a must for most businesses, especially limited liability insurance as it covers damage to your client’s property or any accidents caused by your service. Which you choose can also affect your set-up/running costs, business structure, and licenses and permit requirements. Residential and commercial painting are 2 very different services that require different levels of experience, skill-sets, and tools.
Instead of paying for an entire month of insurance, you can tailor it specifically to the amount of time you’re working on a paint job. When you’re just starting out, you may not want to pay for an annual policy when you only have a week-long painting job, or weather won’t permit you to work during certain seasons. If you’ve taken a licensing exam, it may have included questions on bidding, marketing, and other business topics.